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Want to know top travel essentials for your next trip?

Travelling is one of the most legit things and everyone must indulge in every now and then. Some people think that it is quite a waste of time and money. But trust me things should be the other way. Travelling will not only break your monotonous routine but in fact, it will make you feel better than ever before. Convinced enough?

So if you are already making travel plans for your next outing we have something to say.

Whether you are a travelling pro or an amateur packing can be a tough task.

But we have managed to make a checklist of travel essentials that will make your trip a lot more easier and fun.

Here is the list of essential items for travel

(travel essentials for men)

Sleepers- Because who doesn’t want to roam on roads with comfort and style.

Sun Glasses- To protect yourself from sun rays and to click some savage pictures.

Skin Care Essentials- If you thought that skin care is just for ladies then gentlemen please pay attention. While travelling to other places you might get some skin issues like sun tan, getting sensitive skin, reaction etc. So it’s better that you carry some skin care products like- sunscreen lotion or cold cream (depending on where you are off to), a good face wash, a small face towel, mosquito repellent and a lip balm (not necessary)Carry bags- This one is most useful as many times people tend to shop

Carry bags- This one is most useful as many a time people tend to shop a lot when they travel. And forget how difficult it is going to repack their stuff.

Power Bank: If you are a moderate mobile user you can skip this part. But of course, you are not. Your mobile phone is one of the most useful and essential thing when you are travelling. So it is mandatory that you keep a power bank handy.

So now you know the secret of smart traveller slash packers.

What not to pack?

Try not to get overwhelmed and pack as least as you can.

Two pair of jeans is more than enough if you are going for a week long trip.

Carry accessories which you are actually going to use. For example, you can avoid packing those studs, or tangy blue shoes. And maybe that bright pair of socks that you will never wear.


Before you start to pack your bags just make a checklist of few important things-

Things to keep in mind

Where you are travelling to

For how many days you are going to travel

Where you are going to stay

General weather and temperature of the place you are traveling to


This checklist is important as it will help you to properly customise your travel essentials.

I hope that this checklist proves to be helpful to all you guys out there.

And when you are back from your voyage you can capture your memories like this 

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