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Today we will discuss top benefits of olive oil.

Olive oil is known to be the king of all oils due to different health and fitness benefits it provides. Loaded with vitamins, nutrients and antioxidant olive oil should be consumed by everyone. You can use olive oil for hair, skin, cooking, massage and many other purposes.

Now before you go ahead with making olive a part of your life you need to know that it may take time for it to show results. For some, it may take few months but for some, it may show results in few weeks. So don’t worry about the time period because the results are going to be worth it.
Following are the top benefits of olive oil that are here to stay

Benefits of olive oil for hair:

benefits of olive oil

Who doesn’t want long, lustrous, shiny and healthy hair? Everyone does. And olive oil does all that for you. Olive oil is rich in vitamin A, E, and antioxidant which are said to protect the keratin of hair. It makes your hair strong so that you can heat style it anytime you want. It doesn’t matter whether you have curly hair that is unmanageable or thin hair that is lifeless. Olive oil will do wonders for your hair.

Benefits of olive oil for skin:

benefits of olive oil

You must have heard it from your granny once in your lifetime that “if you can eat it then only you can apply it on your face”. And they said it for a reason. In a time when the market is flooding with a gazillion of products, olive oil stands out of the crowd. With millions of benefits that it provides, it has a pocket-friendly price too. Though it is suggested that you use olive oil during the winter season if you have acne prone or oily skin. Or you can apply few drops of olive on your face by mixing it with your sunscreen or night cream for better results.

Benefits of olive oil for health:

benefits of olive oil

The whole world is aware of the fact that there is no other oil as healthy and wholesome as olive oil. Present in most of the Meditaranian diets, olive oil has become part of every kitchen worldwide. It fights against blood sugar, tension, cholesterol and other heart-related issues. And makes your life much more manageable.

So what are you waiting for?

Switch to olive and see the wonders yourself.

If you know any other benefits of olive oil please share with us


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