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Top 3 summer drinks to try this season

Summer is right around the corner- filled with dust, pollution and lot of dehydration. There is nothing better than a summer drink to beat the heat. Though the market is flooding with plenty of processed drinks but they aren’t as healthy.

So here are top 3 summer drinks that will help you stay active all day long

Tender coconut water

There is literally nothing better than tender coconut water to keep you hydrated all day long. It is not only cool and tasty to have but it’s also low calorie so you don’t have to worry about that fat tummy. It is rich in amino acid, Vitamins and Minerals.

Have a healthy and hydrated summer with top 3 summer drinks


This one drink is as good as having a protein shake but one which has lip smacking taste. All you need is milk, some fruits and sugar (to taste). And mix it in the mixer. Smoothies are easy to make and have various health benefits too. You can add berries, banana, coconut, nuts, mango and other fruits besides citrus fruits to make a smoothie.

Sugarcane juice:

Top 3 summer drinks

If you are from India you might be aware how easy it is to find sugar cane juice. But you can add a twist to it. Next time you have sugar cane juice just add a bit of lemon juice and black Epsom salt to it for that extra tang. Sugarcane juice soothes internal system of your body and maintains your sugar and salt level which might be lost during sweating. Getting exposed to sunlight can make you prone to cancer. But due to alkaline nature of sugarcane cancer cannot develop.

So there you go.

Try all these three summer drinks.

You can also share your favourite summer drinks with our readers.

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