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Do you ever think what highest paid people in the world do to be so filthy rich?

There are different categories of rich people in the world. Some are born with silver spoon in their mouth. And some well they are just born with silver spoon in their heads (if you know what I mean). These are the people who have excelled from rags to riches. These people are so charismatic and talented that their name is a brand in itself which definitely makes them unbelievably rich. And trust me I am talking about serious money.

Here are the highest paid people in the world (athletes) who are definitely worth it

4. Roger Federer (Tennis, Switzerland):

Roger Fedrer


The number one athlete on our highest paid people in the world is Roger Federer. This guy has got some real talent which has impressed crowd from over a decade. His yearly income is around $67.8 million.

3. Le Born James (Basketball, the USA):


highest paid people in the world

There is no other sport as cool as basketball. The cool moves, juggles and gangster like swag can make anyone fall in love with this game. Standing at number three and the highest paid basketball player in the world Le Born earns around $77.2 million.
2. Lionel Messi (Football, Argentina):


Play hard and earn even harder. This one mantra has been true for most of the soccer players. And one such player is Lionel Messi. His cute looks and charming personality have made him heart throb of every soccer lover girl and boy in the world. Standing on second his yearly income is somewhere around $81.4 million

  1. Christiano Ronaldo (Football, Portugal)

highest paid people in the world


One of the most controversial kid of football that history has ever seen is Ronaldo. This man has charmed us not only with his great soccer moves but also with his good looks. Standing strong at number one Ronaldo earns a whopping $88 million a year and counting.
So now you know the list of highest paid people in the world (Athlete)

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(Information courtesy Forbes and Wikipedia)

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