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Here is your DIY project on how to make photo frame at home

There is nothing as good as getting your old photographs framed. And hanging it on a wall for everyone to see it. The level of amazement and appreciation depends on how innovative and creative you get while making them. But how can one get creative while getting photos framed?

Don’t worry I have a really great idea to share with you.

So today I will teach you how to make a photo frame at home.
And that too in a short period.

Let’s go.

What you will need

  • Ice cream sticks (around 2 to 3 dozen).
  • Hot glue gun or plain glue.
  • Spray paint or water colours.
  • Paper (to create a blueprint of your frame).
  • A pencil or a coloured pen.
  • Some of your favourite photographs.
  • Ruler.
  • Some decorative articles like glitter, artificial flowers or whatever you want to add.
    We will start with basic design followed by a chic piece of art.

How to make photo frame at home (basic)

make photo frame at home

1. Take a paper, pencil, and a ruler. Draw a shape- square, hexagon, octagon etc. Any shape that you want your photo frame to be off.

2. Then on these lines put the ice cream sticks one by one. Now paste outer corners of the ice cream stick to get the desired photo frame.

3. To make your photo frame more imaginative add some colour, glitters and stickers on the basic photo frame.

4. Now you need to cut the photgraph in the shape of frame and stick it on the inside of the frame.

So there you go.

Wow! easy home decor ideas to try out right away

How to make photo frame at home (classy and desirable)

make photo frame at home


1. Take all the same ingredients as previous one.

2. Once you place the ice cream stick on blueprint add some glue on corner and center of the ice cream stick.

3. Now on the first layer of ice cream stick with glue add another layer of ice cream sticks.

4. Follow this procedure till you get a broad and thick photo frame.

5. Once you are done with the frame add some glitter artificial flowers, small toys or whatever you want.

6. Now add photograph on the backside of the photo frame.

This one photo frame is on spot answer to your how to make a photo frame at hoe. This photo frame is classy, sassy and

Here are some amazing Home decor ideas that you should try right away.

If you have any other ideas that can make photographs look more beautiful, pretty and catchy.

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